Glaucoma screening and diabetes monitoring


This condition is known as a “silent killer” as most of its symptoms are initially asymptomatic (you don’t even know that you have it)
Glaucoma is a condition that involves visual loss due to high intraocular pressure. 

Think of it as the tyres on your car. It needs to maintain a certain pressure to function optimally and prevent damage.

The same happens in your eyes, when the pressure is too high it compresses the visual receptors and with longstanding compression the nerves are irreversibly damaged. This then causes vision loss from the periphery and moves more centrally until you end up with tunnel vision (when left untreated)

We do routine glaucoma screening on all our patients and will monitor your eye pressure and retina.


If you are one of our patients with diabetes, we are able to monitor your retinas for any changes and will refer you to an eye specialist if deemed necessary. Statistics show that 50% of patients, that has type 1 diabetes for longer than 20 years, will show significant retinal and ocular changes.  Thus it is very important to consult your eye specialist or optometrist every two years for a check up.

We are therefore more than willing to assist you with the monitoring of your retinas and make sure that you have the best eye care resources available