Our multifocal lenses are freeform lenses that are made by digital-ray-path technology so as to increases ocular comfort and reduce distortion. 

The futuro multifocal design allows a wider distance and reading portion to be available therefore reducing peripheral distortions and blur. It also widens your intermediate corridor (that small reading portion used for the computer) allowing a much more comfortable shift from distance to near .

In essence, this enables the finest optical clarity and advanced lens personalisation.

A wide range of tints and coatings are available on all lenses including:

  • Hard coats (standard on multifocal lenses)

  • UV protection (standard on multifocal lenses)

  • Anti-reflection (ARC)

  • Multi coat (anti-static and hydrophobic)

  • Colour tints i.e. Grey and brown (also in various shades)